District Information

We at Decatur Public Schools work to cultivate a nurturing environment where students from Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade can soar to their full potential. Our close-knit district serves over 785 learners across three exceptional schools:

  • Decatur Jr. Sr. High School: Our comprehensive high school offers a well-rounded curriculum to prepare students for college, careers, and beyond.

  • Davis Elementary School: Our nurturing elementary school provides a love of learning and prepares young minds for success in middle school.

Why Choose Decatur Raiders? It's Your Community School!

  • Small Class Sizes, Big Impact: We boast an average class size of 18 students, allowing our dedicated teachers to provide personalized attention to each student.

  • Experienced Educators Who Care: Over 44% of our passionate teachers hold a master's degree or higher, bringing expertise and a commitment to your child's success.

  • A Range of Opportunities: We offer a variety of academic programs alongside extracurricular activities to help students discover their passions.

  • Raider Pride Runs Deep: DPS is deeply rooted in the Decatur community, fostering a strong sense of belonging and collaboration.

Explore Your Raider Advantage!

Head over to our Schools menu to learn more about each school, including:

  • Curriculum details aligned with Michigan state standards.

  • Teacher profiles and qualifications to meet your needs.

  • Contact information and enrollment procedures to get you started.

Stay Connected, Stay Informed!

We believe in open communication and parent involvement. Our website offers resources to keep you informed and engaged:

  • Registration: A dedicated section with clear instructions and upcoming kindergarten registration dates.

  • District Calendar: Stay on top of important school events and deadlines.

  • Family Portal: Connect with your child's school and access important information through our online portal system.

  • News & Announcements: Get the latest updates on DPS initiatives, achievements, and upcoming events.

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