Davis Elementary School is released from the Priority Schools List!

Posted by Patrick Creagan at 1/20/2017

On January 20, 2017, I received a call from the School Reform Office (SRO), stating that Davis Elementary School was one of seventy-nine schools in the state released from Priority Schools Status!

“For the first time in the history of the SRO, more schools are being released from Priority School status than are being identified,” School Reform Officer Natasha Baker stated. “It is our mission to turn Priority Schools into the highest performing schools in the state. We do this through academic accountability because every child – regardless of their demographics -- deserves access to quality educational opportunities. When kids are well educated, they can go to college or access a high-wage job or career after high school.”

In a letter from the SRO, “Schools in the bottom 5 percent of all public schools in Michigan are identified as Priority Schools each year and are monitored by the SRO throughout the year. Schools are able to exit Priority School status if they meet the three exit criteria after four years of implementing their redesign plans. State law requires that schools identified in the bottom 5 percent write plans and receive support services. The SRO’s vision is for every kid in Michigan to have access to a globally competitive education.”

We are very proud of the accomplishments our district has made this past year. Earlier this school year, the High School was also released from the Priority Schools list! Student achievement is on the rise and everyone has worked hard to support the learning and growth of all our students. Our accomplishments, however, go far beyond test scores. We are a proud district with an outstanding staff that strives for continued excellence in the classroom. We care about our students and families and will continue to improve toward providing educational opportunities that are tops in the state. I couldn't be prouder of our students, parents, administration, school board, and staff and I look forward to great things to come!