• About Decatur High School

    • School Organization:
    The school year at Decatur High school consists of two semesters of three marking periods each. Each marking period is six weeks long. The day is organized into six periods. One half credit is awarded for each semester class passed.
    • Facilities:
    The high school is located at 110 Cedar Street and adjoins both the middle school and the elementary school.
    • High School Staff Members:
    All staff meet No Child Left Behind standard of being highly qualified. Our professional staff promotes critical thinking and problem solving skills.
    • Curriculum:
    Comprehensive programs are offered in all subject areas and include challenging curriculum that meets qualifications for the State of Michigan and provides opportunities for students to exceed core curricular requirements. In addition, Decatur High School students have the opportunity to take classes at the Van Buren Technology Center or to dual enroll in area colleges including Kalamazoo Valley Community College, Lake Michigan College, and Southwestern Community College.
    • Advanced Placement/Dual Enrollment:
    Direct credit, dual enrollment and advanced placement including AP English, Advanced Mathematics, Calculus, Technology/Computer Science, and Humanities courses—earn college credits without leaving high school!
    • Student Enrollment:
      9th Grade 103
      10th Grade 77
      1th Grade 74
      12th Grade 83

    Total Student Enrollment = 335

    • Raiderpride Points
    Early College High School Program
    College equipped science labs offering biology, chemistry, physics and forensic science classes.
    Worldwide classroom sharing experiences including electronic digital broadcasting and distance learning.
    Foreign language opportunities.
    Fully implemented foreign exchange program with students from over 12 different countries.
    Award-winning marching, ensemble, and jazz music groups.
    Award winning visual art and wood shop programs.
    Highly skilled programs in weight training/nutrition and health for a healthy life.
    After-school tutoring provided by certified teachers.
    Full time certified high school counselor.
    College scholarship opportunities. (over $200,000 awarded in 2006)
    A full range of successful, competitive athletic programs