• What is Videoconferencing?

    In brief, it is a Video Phone Call.

    Using digital telephone lines (ISDN)
    or the Internet (IP),
    Decatur teachers can collaborate in real time with remote sites around the world.


    Video Cart
    This rich communications technology is available in all Decatur classrooms with

    Mobile Videoconferencing Carts
    or in the High School's

    Distance Learning Lab.

    Videoconferencing presents new instructional possibilities for teachers:

    1. Formal instruction (courses, lessons, and tutoring)
    2. Connection with guest speakers and experts
    3. Multi-school project collaboration
    4. Professional Development activities, and Community Events (see our examples page for elaboration).
    Remember, making a video call is a lot like placing a telephone call. Try it!

    Do not confuse ISDN or IP Videoconferencing with Internet based "Streaming" Video. Internet based Streaming Video is much slower. ISDN and IP Videoconferencing is similar to full-motion television video.

    Click one of the links below to find a Videoconferencing Adventure for your class:
    Where can I learn more about the Tomato Frog?  My students want me to meet a chemist to see what kinds of work they do.  User our new Videoconferencing Adventures to make your next connection.
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    For a comprehensive look at Videoconferencing in the Classroom; for a place to ask questions and Collaborate with videoconferencing teachers around the world; for a searchable Directory of Videoconferencing Sites (schools, libraries, community colleges, and community organizations); for links to other Videoconferencing Directories; and for a list of Videoconferencing and Distance Learning Resources, click below.