• Decatur Public Schools


    With the cooperation of faculty, staff, parents, and community all students will achieve the academic and
    social skills necessary to be life-long learners and productive members of society.



    The vision for Decatur Public Schools is to provide all learners with a solid foundation of skills, knowledge,
    and understandings that are necessary for their continual growth and success as students within the
    school setting, and as adults in society. As a result of sound K-12 education, based on well defined
    educational outcomes, Decatur graduates are expected to become:

    ● Effective communicators,
    ● Critical thinkers and problem solvers,
    ● Technologically literate,
    ● Caring, sensitive, flexible, and healthy human beings,
    ● Responsible family members,
    ● Self-directed life-long learners.


    ● We believe all students can achieve at high levels.
    ● We believe that all students can learn and must be taught effectively according to their individual
    needs and differences.
    ● We believe learning should be active, enriching, and have application to the world we live in.
    ● We believe it is our duty to help students develop trust, responsibility, tolerance, and the
    necessary problem solving and critical thinking skills to succeed in a diverse and ever changing
    ● We believe a commitment to continuous improvement is essential to providing excellence in
    ● We believe all members of the school community have an equal part in creating the District goals
    and resulting successes.
    ● We believe the collaboration between the home, the school district, and the community has a
    direct correlation to the quality of the educational system and the experience of each student.
    ● We believe that the Decatur Public School District must manage financial assets in an efficient
    and effective manner that is fiscally responsible to all members of the community.