• Personal Curriculum


    The Michigan Legislature has provided an opportunity for students to slightly modify the State of Michigan graduation requirements. This modification is called a Personal Curriculum (PC). 

    While a PC can be requested at any time during a student's high school experience, it should be used in limited circumstances after students have had the opportunity to succeed in the Michigan Merit Curriculum.

    Michigan Department of Education









    What’s New:

    House Bills 4465 and 4466, which amend the Michigan Merit Curriculum, have some
    implications for the use and implementation of the Personal Curriculum (PC). While
    these bills were not given “immediate effect,” these changes will be in effect for the
    graduating class of 2015.

    PC amendments are as follows:

    •  If requested by the allowable parties, a PC must be developed. The

      developed PC still needs to be agreed upon by the parent or legal guardian

      and the superintendent or school designee before taking effect.

    •  The group of individuals that develops the PC must now include a teacher OR

      guidance counselor. This teacher should be directly educating the student

      and have expertise in the subject area being modified. An in-person meeting

      is no longer required.

    •  A student using a PC for the Algebra II content must now complete at least 1

      math credit during his or her final 2 years of school. This rule previously

      stated that the student had to complete a math course in his or her final


    •  Students may substitute a formal Career and Technical Education (CTE)

      program (regardless of content) for up to 1 credit of social studies; 1 credit

      of health and physical education; and 1 credit of visual, performing, or

      applied arts.

    •  The department or any school district shall not limit or discourage the

      number of students with a PC on any basis other than the best interest of

      each individual student.

    •  Schools shall provide an annual notice to parents or guardians explaining the

      PC and that all students are entitled to a PC. This notice shall be sent to a

      student’s home and can take several forms including written letter,

      newsletter, or handbook. This notice shall also be posted on the school’s

      public website.