Ok 2 Say


    Praises Launch of New Statewide Student Safety Initiative, OK2SAY
    Partnership with AG, MSP, State Agencies, Schools, and Law Enforcement. Creates Comprehensive Safety Initiative for Michigan Kids.

    DECATUR, Mich. –Dr. Patrick Creagan today praised the launch of OK2SAY, a new
    hotline and student safety initiative available to Michigan students beginning in the 2014-2015
    academic year. OK2SAY enables students and others to confidentially report potential harm or
    criminal activities aimed at students, teachers, staff or other school employees. The program will
    operate as an early warning system in our schools to thwart tragedies before they occur.
    Created as a result of the Student Safety Act (183 PA 2013), OK2SAY’s focus is on early
    intervention and prevention.

    “Our students learn best in a safe environment, but dangerous behaviors threaten to
    disrupt our schools and, in the worst cases, take the lives of our students,” said Attorney
    General Bill Schuette. “OK2SAY will create an early warning system in our schools and
    communities to stop tragedies before they start. We cannot sit and wait for the next Columbine
    or Sandy Hook. We must be proactive to ensure our kids are safe, both inside and outside the
    classroom. If even one child is saved, this program will be a success.”
    Fighting the Culture of Silence


    According to the U.S. Secret Service, for 81% of violent incidents in U.S. schools,
    someone other than the attacker had knowledge of the attacker’s plan, but failed to report it.
    OK2SAY will discourage the persistent culture of silence among students who fear reporting
    threatening behavior will lead to retaliation or result in stigmatization as a “snitch.”


    Key features of OK2SAY include:

    • Confidential Reporting: State law protects the confidentiality of the reporter’s
    identity. The identity of the reporting party will not be disclosed to local law
    enforcement, school officials, or the person against whom a tip is offered, unless the
    reporter voluntarily chooses to disclose his or her identity. If the reporter is a minor,
    the parent or guardian must also consent. However, to address any false reports to
    the program, prosecutors do have authority to seek a court order to review records
    when investigating false reports.

    • Comprehensive Technology: OK2SAY will be operational 24 hours a day, seven
    days a week, every day of the year. The program will accept tips by phone, text
    message, email, mobile application, and website form, accessible at
    www.mi.gov/ok2say. Multimedia attachments with additional information are

    • Coordinated Intervention: Upon receipt of a tip, specially trained OK2SAY
    operators at the Michigan State Police will address the immediate need and, as
    necessary, forward the information to the appropriate responding agency or
    organization. Most tips are expected to go to schools and local law enforcement
    agencies, but in some instances, tips may go to local community mental health
    agencies or the Michigan Department of Human Services.

    • Accountability & Complete Disposition: To ensure tips are acted upon, agencies
    receiving tips are asked to submit outcome reports to the Department of Attorney
    General. An annual report on the program’s impact will detail the types and numbers
    of tips handled throughout the year.

    OK2SAY is anticipated to log tips on a variety of issues involving student safety,
    including: weapons possession, bullying, substance abuse, and suicide threats.

    OK2SAY will be operated through a partnership between the Department of Attorney
    General, the Michigan State Police, state agencies, schools, parents, law enforcement and
    community leaders. A full list of OK2SAY partners and stakeholders can be found at


    How to Submit a Tip


    Students, teachers, parents, school workers, friends and neighbors can all submit tips, if
    they are aware of a threat in school. Tips can be submitted though the following ways:
    Call: 1-8-555-OK2SAY, 1-855-565-2729
    Text: 652729 (OK2SAY)
    Email: ok2say@mi.gov
    Web: www.mi.gov/ok2say
    OK2SAY Mobile App: Available for download in app stores for iPhone and Android.