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    Superintendent: Patrick Creagan

    March 22, 2019

    Dear Parent/Guardian,

    Student access to any time and any place learning options has expanded under a new law in
    Michigan. Section 21f of Public Act 60 of 2013 allows students in the middle and high school to take up
    to two courses online per academic term with parental consent and school permission. Michigan is the
    seventh state in the U.S. to enable statewide choice at the course level through online learning options.
    Online learning holds great promise as an instructional approach to expand and customize learning
    opportunities for students. However, it is substantially different from face-to-face instruction and
    usually works best when thoughtful planning supports individual enrollment decisions. I encourage you
    to talk with your student to examine if online learning is a good fit for her or him.

    To help you prepare for making the decision about whether your student has the characteristics to be
    successful learning online, we recommend you review the Parent Guide to Online Learning at
    http://www.mivu.org/Portals/0/GD_Parent2013_Final.pdf. The Guide examines how online learning
    supports next generation learning models, poses practical planning questions, provides a preparation
    checklist, offers advice for parents and includes an online learner readiness rubric. This guide will help
    you prepare for a conversation with your son or daughter.

    Students may select online courses from our local district catalog or from the statewide catalog of
    online course titles available at https://micourses.org/. We are developing guidelines and procedures to
    accommodate student/parent requests to take online courses. We are excited about this opportunity,
    but equally cautious given the amount of media hype and misperceptions associated with online
    learning, especially from students. Please direct your questions related to online courses to me by
    calling 423-6800. I will be able to explain the process being used by Decatur Public Schools to
    implement the new polices that expand online learning options for students.

    Patrick Creagan


    The Decatur Public Schools is in compliance with all state and federal laws prohibiting discrimination in admissions or employment on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, religion, national origin, sex, disability, pregnancy, sexual
    orientation, age, marital status, military status, genetic information, or any other legally protected characteristic. Complaints under Title IX, Section 504, the American with Disabilities Act, and the Age Discrimination in Employment
    Act are to be directed to Kim Cugnetti, 110 Cedar Street, Decatur, MI 49045, (269) 423-6951.