• Decatur Public Schools
    Food Service Department

    Dear Decatur Public School Parents/Guardians:


    Decatur Public Schools became a CEP (Community Eligibility Provision) district in the 2019-2020 school year.  As a result, we now offer a lunch and breakfast to all enrolled students free of charge.  Prior to that time, when payments were required and accepted, a meal charge procedure and negative balance policy was employed to prevent significant debt from accruing for students. 

    School lunch accounts can be funded via decatur.familyportal.cloud, or by sending cash with a student.   It is strongly encouraged that parents/guardians make meal payments in advance in order to ensure students have funds available for purchases in the school cafeterias. Please remember that lunch account monitoring is the responsibility of both the parent/guardian, and the student. Parents and students may request account balance information anytime by contacting the cafeteria in your child’s building. You may also contact the food service office at 269-423-6811.


    Elementary/Middle/High School (K-12)

    • A “meal” will be provided free of charge to all students upon request

    • Ala carte items may not be charged at any time

    • Milk is considered an ala carte item (costing $0.65), and therefore cannot be charged


    Should a student accrue a negative balance, Decatur public schools is committed to the following:


    • Prohibits students with a negative account balance to wear a wristband or handstamp

    • Prohibits students who owe a negative balance from performing chores or other work

    • Prohibits directing students to dispose of a meal or other food after receiving it because they have a negative balance

    • Prohibiting direct communication with a student about a negative balance, unless the district has unsuccessfully attempted to contact the student’s parent or legal guardian first; through telephone, mail, or e-mail.

    • Prohibits discussing of negative balance with a student in the presence of other students


    Thank-you for your cooperation, and please contact the Food Services office at (269) 423-6811 should you have any questions or concerns.