• Welcome to the "Enrichment" portion of the Foodservice page.  As part of the awarding of our grant to provide a snack and supper to students, we are required to offer educational activities coinciding.  The USDA provided a waiver to all schools in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, permitting online activities.  Select the below links for fun and educational options for kids of all ages!

  • Fuel-Up to Play Sixty

    Join the Fuel-Up to play sixty: Team Nutrition



    One size doesn't fit all. MyPlate offers personalized eating plans, interactive tools to help you plan and assess your food choices, and advice to help you: MyPlate

    • Make smart choices from every food group.

    • Find your balance between food and physical activity.

    • Get the most nutrition out of your calories.

    • Stay within your daily calorie needs.