Collection of Technology

Posted by Patrick Creagan at 5/1/2017

Collection of Technology

Dear Parents and Students:

     We’ll begin collecting the Surface Pros (and other tablets/lap tops) the last few weeks of the school year (except for the Seniors, we’ll collect those earlier). Below you’ll find a collection schedule, listed by grade level. Prior to turning in their devices, students need to remove any personal files from the device since it will be wiped clean.  It is recommended that students upload personal files to their Microsoft OneDrive account or a personal flash drive or other storage device before turning the device back into the district. When we collect them, students must bring everything (the Surface Pro/tablet/lap top, the keyboard, the protective case, the stylus, and charger). Thank you.

Surface Pro 3 Collection Schedule

Seniors                        May 23rd

4th grade                      May 30th

5th grade                      May 31st

6th grade                      June 1st

7th grade                      June 2nd

8th grade                      June 5th

9th grade                      June 6th

10th grade                    June 7th

11th grade                    June 8th